Patrick Noon

And George Sand writes a very interesting letter to a friend of hers and they were very close friends Delacroix and George Sand.

And Sand writes that, literally two days after Delacroix’s death, she writes to a mutual friend of theirs and remembers going to visit him in his studio. She said, “We’d go in and he’d be in there and he’d be huddled and he would have a scarf wrapped around his neck and he would spend an hour or so telling us of all his ailments. And then suddenly out of the blue, he’d throw off the scarf and he’d jump up and he exclaimed as though he were 20 years old and he’d show us all these sketches he was doing and he’d come to life basically. He would barely let us leave.”

In her words he returned to that youthful bon vivant, energetic artist a person that everyone knew him to be, who knew him personally.

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