Erika Holmquist-Wall

A visitor comes to Matisse’s studio in the 1920, he is familiar with Matisse’s paintings, he is excited to see the apartment that inspires his work. He recognizes the window, the rug, the chairs, and even the vases, but he was shocked at how cluttered and small the room actually was. And he realizes that, that is, it’s Matisse’s genius. So he uses the paint and brush to give the room its soul, to give it, to give its light, to give it its color, it all comes from him. So no matter, you know no matter where he’s lived, no matter how common place his living quarter is, he is able to look at a setting or an object, a model sitting in a chair with completely fresh eyes. He is able to surround himself with color and pattern and creating these places, these rooms that seem magnificently alive. They are animated, there is lively pattern, they are glowing with color.

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