Jay Fisher

Once he had created these cutout, which we would almost call cutout [Indiscernible][0:00:12] for all the place in the book. He then commissioned these professional print makers who knew how to make what are called [Indiscernible][0:00:23] print. Matisse wanted to make his single cutout into something that could be reproduced in a number of copies. So his challenge was how did he carry forward the feeling of these cutout collages into a printed book and these amazing craftsman were able to cuts stencils and then brush on the color coming very close to what Matisse’s original colors were and to print them in such a way that it really looks like they too are collages. We are looking at an actual cutout rather than a print made from a cutout. And I think there is something like 250 copies of this book.

Henri Matisse

Each picture as I finish it, it seems like the best thing I have ever done. And then after a while I am not so sure. It’s like taking a train to Masse, one knows where ones wants to go, each painting completed is like a station, just so much near the goal. The time comes when the painter is up to feel, yes at least arrived. Then if he is an artist, he realizes one of two things, either that he has not arrived after all or that Masse is not where he wanted to go anyway and he must push further on.

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